Linkedin login screen on Mobile

Using LinkedIn effectively could be the spark that launches your business. Nevertheless, the social media platform is still underused by many businesses for online marketing and general promotional purposes.

Statistics show that 10 percent of companies are blocking LinkedIn access in the workplace. Businesses that ignore such opportunities miss out on branding opportunities, employee engagement, and business growth.


The Recommendations feature on LinkedIn is crucial to your business. Your company profile can be customized to include products or services and to receive recommendations from potential clients. It provides you with the best chance of enhancing your credibility and gaining new customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Your LinkedIn profile can be indexed by search engines so that your business appears in their listings. Consequently, it’s an excellent way to lead customers to your website when they search for your business. In addition to linking your website or blog directly, LinkedIn offers the same sharing capabilities as Twitter and Facebook. The SERPs (search engine results pages) can greatly be affected by this.

An Expert’s Opinion

Linkedin Answers aims to facilitate the sharing of information online through the company’s latest tool. The LinkedIn Answers Tool is a platform that allows you to post business questions to your network as well as to the greater LinkedIn community.

Promotional Tool

Using LinkedIn to promote your company’s blog or client’s forum is a great idea. To give your business or individual profile enough exposure, you are allowed to add your website or blog.


Getting access to potential candidates is easier with LinkedIn when you are recruiting. If you are looking for qualified candidates, you can reach out directly to them. If your location allows, you may also post a job advertisement for a small fee per month. No matter what your business’ recruitment objectives are, LinkedIn is a versatile networking site that can help you build business connections.