Events & Activations

Allowing your audience to connect with your brand.

Our Goal at Insight Marketing is to build brand awareness, increase product engagement and sales for any client that we work with.

Innovative Brand Promotion

Activations and events in marketing are used to promote your brand in various ways. Whether it be launching a new product from your brand or simply allowing the consumer to become more familiar as well as emotionally connected to your brand. We do this by planning, organising and managing your activations as well as ensuring the best target audience attends the event by taking to social media to advertise your event and get traction for your event.

For this to happen, we handpick Brand Ambassadors that will attend these events and activations based on the skill set needed to drive awareness and sales of your deliverables. These ambassadors then undergo customer training to ensure that they engage with your customers in the most beneficial way for your brand.

Below is a breakdown of Events and Activations that we can offer you and your brand.

Our Events & Activation offerings

At Insight we believe, at the core of any successful event is a dedicated team that is put in place to ensure the product or service is understood, well displayed and well
maintained. We aim to have your audience fall in love with your product or service

  • Sampling

A fun and effective way to get your product out there, allowing your audience to understand your brands DNA and experience your product or service first.

  • Roadshow

Your activation can be widespread nationally and at different locations. This requires a team of skilled, dedicated and reliable members to ensure the best results are achieved for your brand.

  • Events & Expo

Events & Expos are opportunities to display your product or service in an inviting and exciting environment. What gives the Insight Marketing events and activation team the edge is our hands-on approach from start to finish.

  • Launches

This is your first opportunity to introduce your brand into the marketplace. It is critical to have the right impact and messaging. Insight will assist in conveying the correct message from the start.

  • Demonstrations

Your audience will have hands-on experience with your product. They will also be in a unique position to engage with an ambassador, making it a more personal, unforgettable experience.

  • Pop-up Shops

These are short-term sales spaces in popular areas with large foot traffic, enabling you to get the most engagements and sales in a short period. Pop-up stores are impactful and a great way to engage with your audience.