Field Marketing Agency

Getting Your Product in-front of Your Customers.

Our Goal at Insight Marketing is to build brand awareness, increase product engagement and sales for any client that we work with.

Excellent Retail Services

We pride ourselves on conducting excellent retail services.
The purpose of our fieldwork is to ensure our clients’ products are marketed through our go-to-market strategies.
From merchandising, data capture & the analyzing of market trends, our Field Services Team is there to ensure your product is dominant within the retail environment.

The concept behind field services is built on the basis of getting your product, as a business, in front of customers. Field services have different facets that can be used to achieve set marketing goals.

Below is a brief look at how we at Insight Marketing help you do just that through the field services we offer.

Our Field Services

At Insight we believe, at the core of any successful product is a dedicated team that is put in place to ensure the product or service is understood, well displayed and well maintained. We are enthusiastic about the quality of field work

  • Data Capture

In-store Data collection for real time review and analysis on product performance.

  • Product Development

Refining and preparation of your product from concept all the way through to the physical ready product for distribution.

  • Merchandising

Ensuring your product is well placed and presented in an appealing manner to ensure customer engagement and attraction.

  • Returns

Premium return strategies to minimize cost and maximize efficiency of physical product returns.

  • Training

On Floor and in-store training provided to sales representatives to ensure they are effectively equipped to inform and sell your product to customers.